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Practice, persevere, progress

Why rent videos? Renting videos is ideal for those who:

  • Want to try out a few videos before committing to the subscription service

  • Only want access to a particular set of exercises or to review specific lessons

  • Only want to access videos for a short period of time

  • The most cost effective option is to subscribe to the monthly channel where you have access to the entire library of videos. Alternatively, you can access videos on a 72 hour rental basis.

Before renting your Tai Chi Skills Video please read the following:

  • This is a 72 hour rental service and available via this website only.

  • Renting gives you access to view the videos only. You have not purchased the videos nor are they available to download.

  • To view available videos use the Category selection at the bottom left of the main screen to narrow your search by subject matter.

  • If you want easy any time access then subscribe to the On Line Channel; it can work out cheaper too.

  • If you experience any difficulties playing the Video Channel please contact me with details and I will investigate.

How do I choose?


For ease a separate channel has been set up for each set of Qigong and Tai Chi form. Click on the relevant button below to see what is in each channel.

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