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Practice, persevere, practice

Tai Chi Skills was founded in 2006 by Mark Guggiari to promote Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong in Cheshire. Mark is registered as an Advanced Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and a qualified Traditional Acupuncturist and Tui Na practitioner. 


Mark first started learning Tai Chi in 1998 with an introduction to the Cheng Man Ching form, the 18 movements of Tai Chi Qigong and Wild Goose Qigong. Since 1999 Mark has been a student of Master Liming Yue of the Tai Chi Centre in Manchester. During this time Mark has also studied with Master Liu Yong and Grandmaster Gou Kong Jie. Mark has studied the silk reeling exercises, Master Yue’s 11 form, 83 New frame form, Cannon Fist, Sword form and Staff form. 

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