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Information for New Beginners

Covid is still a health risk that I have to assess for - If you have ANY upper respiratory symptoms such as cough/cold/sore throat please stay at home so that I can protect vulnerable members of the class. 

When can I join the New Beginners class?

There is a new beginners intake each September, January and April. This ensures that all new beginners start with the same training and can build up their knowledge.

How do I register?

Each new class intake can register their interest by emailing their full name, mobile number and email address. Preference is given to those who have registered for the newsletter.


How much does it cost?

Payment is £30 for a 4 week block, made in advance by bank transfer to my bank. I will invoice for the necessary amount. PayPal is offered as an alternative with a surcharge of £2.00 to cover additional costs.

I need to ensure the class is viable and, sadly, in the past I have turned genuine people away only to find others don't turn up. Consequently, I ask you to commit to paying in advance.

What if I am sick or miss a class?

  • If I cancel class, for whatever reason, I will reimburse the value of that class or hold over to the following month for you.

  • If you do not attend class that is your responsibility and no refund will be made or credit granted.


Where are the classes and at what time?

The day, time and venue for each location will be the same as shown on the "Classes" page.

How are the dates for the next intake announced?

If you sign up for my newsletter, using the link above, you will receive notification of all class news. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Unsure if you are a beginner? This is the benchmark

If you can perform the Chen 18 movement form, from memory, then you can be considered for the intermediate class. I will need to see you do this. If not, keep practicing!

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