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Class News


Due to the Government guidelines in dealing with the current Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis all classes are cancelled until further notice.

Coronavirus implications


Concern regarding the Coronavirus CoVid-19 is ramping up with increasing calls for improved hygiene and, when appropriate, self-isolation. Whether you consider this response to be proportionate or not there are implications for us as a group of like-minded individuals pursuing a common interest.

In particular, I ask that you take a moment to consider that many of us take up Tai Chi as a way of supporting our own health, including some of your classmates having chronic illnesses. I ask that if you are feeling under the weather, perhaps with ordinary symptoms of a regular cold, please err on the side of caution and don’t come to class.

Please be aware that the classes are held with agreement of the venue owners from whom I hire each hall. For example, the residents of Maple West in Stoke, where we use their hall, are all within one of the main “at risk” categories. For them, we present an unknown risk, just strangers that breeze in and out to use their hall. Please bear this in mind when coming to class. There are also circumstances that may require a venue to have a deep clean meaning it will close for that purpose. I will have no control events such as this.

Lastly, if it becomes necessary to cancel a class it will be for good reason. I am self employed and only expect to lose income in the coming months so all decisions will be considered ones. As a carer I also have to look after myself. 

At present, classes continue as normal.

Thank you for your cooperation.


New beginners intake April 2020

The next New Beginners intake is will be the week commencing 20th April 2020.

The day, time and venue for each location will be the same as shown on the "Classes" page.

If you would like to have your name placed on the waiting list please use the contact form advising your name and email address.